Your partner for off-market
real estate transactions

HPBA is Germany’s leading off-market specialist for real estate transactions. In recent years, we have accompanied transactions totalling more than four billion euros, thereof one billion in 2017. We always find the best buyer for your property. With our tailored and transparent HPBA Method, we bring together sellers and highly qualified investors. In doing so, we attain demonstrably greater execution certainty and often higher selling prices than through conventional brokerage models.

Results of the latest HPBA Off-Market Study:


of all actors do not participate in bidding processes or exclude them altogether


of all investors accept higher
purchase prices for the benefits
of off-market transactions



relevant market players were surveyed

bn euros

off-market share of
German real estate
investment market


of all sellers attain a positive completion ratio with off-market models

Four guidelines are especially important to us at HPBA:

Humility – Power – Bravery – Abundance


  • Veit Fischer
    “I have come to know HPBA as a reliable market player. The collaboration has proven worthwhile, and I can only recommend it.”
    Veit Fischer
    Managing Partner
  • Jürgen Terschluse
    “I highly value HPBA’s support and professional advice on all matters to do with real estate investments or disposals. I look forward to continue this successful relationship.”
    Jürgen Terschluse
    Managing Director
    Berlin Prime
  • Jared Hart
    “HPBA is my preferred point of contact when I am looking at potential acquisitions or divestments in the German market. Whether they acted in a broker, advisory or DD coordinator capacity, HPBA has never let me down.”
    Jared Hart
    Managing Director
    Thor Equities
  • Timo Holland
    “I appreciate the professional and discrete approach that HPBA take. In addition to classic transaction management, our collaboration has also proven fruitful during due diligence reviews; be it in the form of pre-acquisition audits or sales planning.”
    Timo Holland
    Acquisition Manager
    Wertgrund AG
  • Emanuele Boni
    “I have selected HPBA several times to find buyers for some of our assets, because of their reputation for superior off-market matching. Not only was I delighted with the quality of their advice and transaction management, but also very satisfied with the end result.”
    Emanuele Boni
    Managing Director
    Valore SCA
  • Francesco Sparaco
    “We have worked for over 8 years with HPBA and have always found them to be highly competent, reliable and trustworthy throughout every transaction. In addition, I particularly value their ability to find workable win/win solutions. It is a joy to work with them.”
    Francesco Sparaco
    Founder & Director
    TSC Property Fund
  • Roy Frydling
    “We have successfully concluded several large real estate transactions with HPBA over the years. I have found them to be a highly professional off-market specialist with outstanding quality of service, and I truly value their opinion.”
    Roy Frydling
    Managing Director
    Pears Global Real Estate Advisors
  • Tony Green
    “We have mandated HPBA to source and close deals on our behalf in Germany. Their service goes beyond acquisitions, divestments and transaction management. They are also fully capable of negotiating complex joint-venture deals. I can unreservedly recommend their service.”
    Tony Green
    Founder & Managing Director
    UKA Group and Anthony Green & Spencer.


Real estate sales under the radar: The advantages of off-market models for family offices

Rarely have so many properties been traded on the professional German real estate markets as during last year. This is also indicated by reports from the major real estate service providers, according to which 2018 was poised to achieve the highest transaction volume since records began. In many locations buyers are still paying record prices. Numerous German family offices are taking advantage of these high price levels to streamline their real estate portfolios – frequently after having held the properties for years and even decades.

The big off-market illusion

No investor likes bidding procedures. They are expensive and frustrating. Nevertheless, more and more properties are being sold in this manner. Even those which are later described as an off-market deal. A number of “exclusive” negotiations are actually not at all exclusive.

Discreet deals

Nowadays, more and more professional transactions are taking place in the form of off-market deals. According to a recent study both buyers and sellers are turning their backs on bidding procedures and addressing large swathes of the market because such procedures take up too much time – and far too often fall through.

Higher prices for deal security and discretion

In the transaction figures published by brokers, many sales outside the sphere of bidding procedures are not included.

Real estate is frequently sold “off-market”

Estimated volume of 40 to 50 billion euros in Germany – Nearly all market players interested